Various Gift Ideas For Baby Shower

Gifts are love and blessings tied together with a ribbon. They symbolize the affection one intends to pass to the other. Baby shower is a time to celebrate the coming of a new life. Picking the perfect baby shower gift holds its own charm and significance. Given below are a few baby shower gift ideas which may help you in choosing the perfect gift for that special little one.

baby shower gift ideas

Diaper Cake

This is not a real cake. The diapers are kept in the shape of a cake and other useful things like baby shampoos, diaper rash creams, baby talc, baby cream, etc., are also placed in the cake. This gift idea is gaining popularity day by day, as it is full of goodies that would come handy for the new mom and is very compact. So bye bye to the big and bulky packets of diapers and shampoos and hello to the diaper cake!

Baby Crib

Mothers womb is a safe heaven for every child, but ones it is out in the world, a safe and cozy crib is the best bet. Warm and secure, it would go a long way to keep both the new mother and her baby at peace. Baby cribs come in many shapes and sizes.

A rocking baby crib will be the best option, as it is scientifically proven that it gives the baby the feel of still being in the mother’s womb. A good crib is spacious and does not have any pillows or blanket and is made of baby friendly fabric.

Baby Carrier

This is a product which is on every new mother’s secret wish list! A baby carrier gives a lot of relief to a mother’s tired hands. It acts as a support for the baby, leaving the mother’s hands free, allowing her to do other chores. All one has to do is put the baby in the carrier and wear it around one’s chest.

It keeps the baby close to the mother, but she is free to move around and carry out her daily routine like grocery shopping, browsing the net, etc. It caters to the need of attention that the baby needs as well as gives the mother the time to do the things that she likes to do.

Play Mat

This is another ideal present for the new mother. The play mat has many toys, shapes and sounds. It not only plays an important role in the cognitive development of the child, but also keeps the baby occupied, leaving the mother with some time to rejuvenate herself.

The bright colors and the soft cushion below creates a beautiful play environment for the toddler. A play mat generally contains baby friendly products and is tested for safety.

Diaper Bag

This is another essential item, especially for mothers who are always on the go. A good diaper bag has enough space to accommodate all the important items for the baby. Few clean diapers, nappy rash cream, baby talc, shampoo, clean change of clothes, nursing bottles, burp cloth, etc., are a few items that are generally found in a diaper bag.

A good diaper bag is specious, yet compact. It is made of a strong material and is convenient to carry. It is a must accessory for every mother and comes very handy.


Booties or baby shoes not only add to the cuteness factor, but are also important in shaping the baby’s feet. They support, protect and shape the child’s feet. Comfortable and carefully designed, the booties play a vital role in the first steps of the baby.

Always stress on the quality of the booties. Good booties are soft and give a cushioning effect to the baby when he or she starts walking. They are flexible and are made of quality products.

Baby Dresses

Sure the drolly face of a baby appeals to us and fills us with warmth, but it is the baby’s clothes that bear the brunt of constant drolling and burbs; thus, the need to change the baby’s clothes more often! Baby shower present can be a few pairs of baby pajamas, night gowns, jumpers,woolen caps, mittens, baby socks, etc.

These ensure that the baby remains warm, cozy, dry and happy. Neutral colors can be given if the baby’s sex is not known and if known, then pink for the little princess and blue for the little prince.

Nursing Supplies

A new mother has her on share of challenges. The transition into motherhood and the perils attached with it is not an easy situation and every new mother goes through a difficult time to adjust with the change. It is important that every effort is made to make this transition easy for the new mom.

Nursing supplies are very thoughtful presents that can be given to the new mom and that will be truly appreciated. A boppy or a nursing cushion allows the mother to place the baby at a height at which she is most comfortable feeding. A bottle sterilizer makes the process of sterilizing much easier and faster. A nursing pump also proves to be quite helpful.

Bouncy Chair

A portable bouncy chair is another thoughtful baby shower present that one can give to the expectant or new mother. The bright color, blinking lights, music and amusing toys will surely keep the toddler amused and occupied, thus leaving some leisure time for the parents.

The tree point restraint ensures that the toddler can wiggle to his heart’s content and still be safe. The padded cushion for the head and the shoulder makes the bouncy chair comfortable. Being portable and compact, it can be taken to a lot of different places, thus making the lives of parents much easier.

Car Seat

The baby car seat proves to be handy while traveling. The five point harness ensures complete safety without compromising on the comfort of the baby. The car seat comes for toddlers belonging to different age groups. The baby car seat can be also used as a baby carrier. The car seat is tested for safety and is a wise buy.

Baby Monitor

The baby monitor can pick up the baby’s faintest breath and is extremely useful when the baby is kept in a different room. Though the baby is out of sight, every little movement of the baby can be observed with the help of the baby monitor. This device gives the parents the freedom to go about their regular routine, yet take care of the newborn.

Other Gift Ideas

There are many other gifts that can be presented to the expectant mother. A few suggestions are:

  • Strollers
  • Baby chairs
  • Burb cloth and bib
  • Baby albums
  • Baby bath tubs and mats
  • Parenting books
  • A personalized scrap book with the experiences and tips written by all friends
  • Baby food recipe scrap book
  • Maternity and post-maternity clothes
  • Beepers
  • Toys
  • Clay baby foot print board

Baby shower is a time to bless and share the joy of coming of a new life. It is a time for the expecting mother to celebrate with her friends and family the arrival of her little one. Baby shower presents hold a deep significance as they convey the good wishes and best wishes to the mother-to-be. It is important to pick an apt present so that it may convey the deserved wishes to the expecting mother.


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