To Do List Baby Shower Ideas

Probably one of the most exciting things ever is planning the Baby Shower. Baby shower is a great event, devoted to celebrating the arrival of a new life. At this point, one of the most important things that you need to prepare before planning a Baby Shower is a to-do list.

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to do list baby shower

That will save a lot of your time and keep your nerves calm, because you’ll have everything planned in time. The simplest way to make a to do list baby shower is to just print it out. There are plenty of printable versions in the internet.

Number one rule – start planning the baby shower as early as possible.

Here’s what you should do when there’s still 8 more weeks left until the shower.

Decide who is going to be planning the party.

It’s okay if you want to plan the Shower all by yourself, but you can always ask for the help of your friends or family. It’s not only easier to plan a Baby Shower with more than one person but it’s also more fun doing it together with your friends.

Decide on the date and time

When picking out the date, the most important person is the mother-to-be. You should talk to her and decide together what day would be convenient for her. Of course, weekends are usually more convenient for the people who work on weekdays. If you pick a weekend, you will probably be able to choose any time you and the expectant mother prefer.

Decide on how long will the party last

Usually a Baby Shower lasts approximately 1.5 or 2 hours. That time is enough for people to have fun and not too much for them to get exhausted.

Choose a theme for the Baby Shower

Shower themes can always help you out. Games, drinks, decorations and many more stuff can be adjusted to have the same theme. Of course, another great idea is to match the with the baby’s nursery.

Talk to the mother-to-be about who she would like to invite to her Baby Shower. Sometimes, mothers like to have even several showers – one with friend, another one with colleagues and even one more with family members. It depends on what kind of event the expectant mother wants.

Make sure that you have collected all the information needed – phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc. Of course, one more thing you need to find out is if the mom-to-be would like to have a party only for the girls or would she like to invite men too.

Choose what the budget may be.

A large consideration when planning a baby shower is deciding a realistic and reasonable spending plan. The cost of a shower party is dependent upon how many people are coming, what sort of food you are going to supply, the baby shower favors you provide, game gifts, and invites.

Begin preparing an infant bath early so you can alter anything early if you realize it’s too expensive.

If you are preparing a shower with another buddy or a member of your family, your spending plan can be split in half.

Will some visitors be bringing their kids? If so, make programs to have somebody baby-sit/entertain the children. Pick the place associated with the shower celebration.

Most baby showers take place at the home of the hostess. These are typically more informal, more relaxed, and often more intimate. Nevertheless, it will depend on what sort of sense you want to have. Reception or a restaurant hallway can offer an elegant, pampered sense.

But that usually will cost you quite a bit. Think about the number of members you are inviting, how much space you’ll need, and noise. Would you like it outside or inside?

If you’re planning a child shower to take place at a restaurant or other facility, make your reservations in advance. Select the meals and menu.

Whenever planning a shower, there are just a couple of essential factors when preparing the menu. Think about the time of day, the theme, your budget, any wellness considerations the guests could have (diabetes, lactose attitude, etc.) and whether you would like to serve only appetizers, snacks, and drinks.

Are you likely to prepare all of the food yourself, or are you planning on asking others to make a few of the meals? If that’s the case, call them today and ask if they can help. Having the food catered is an alternative when preparing a child shower, and if that’s what you’re going to do, reserve the caterer as soon as possible.

If you are planning a surprise shower, follow the preceding checklist, but alternatively of consulting with the expectant father and mother, talk with their friends and family to select the theme, date, guests, etc.Begin planning the invitations.

Determine what type of invitation you want. Your options are:

– Email

– Phone Call

– Free printable child shower invitations

– Make your own invitations

– Printed invitations with blanks where you can fill in the party details

– Printed, individualized invitations that have all the baby shower details printed on them.

Making your invitations can be really fun! But it may take a while.

Preparing a Baby Shower

6 Weeks Before

Finish the Baby Shower Invitations

Think about the Theme and incorporate it into the invitations. This is actually the very first impression that your friends will have of the baby shower. So let it be fun!

Using the visitor list, address all of the shower invitations.Make a summary of the food and other items you will need. You should keep in mind extra table cloths, silverware, glasses, extra tables and chairs, etc.Of those items mentioned above, do you have all of them or will you want to borrow or rent the things you don’t have?

Make reservations for leasing or borrowing these additional products.