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Some Great Ideas For Baby Boy Shower

Ideas For Baby Boy Shower

So you’re expecting, and now you know it’s a boy. Congratulations! This makes a few things easier, not the least of which is planning the baby boy shower. While a baby boy shower is a ton of fun, it feels like an infinite number of details go along with having the event.

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Who to invite, what type of cake to have, what color decorations to string up…it’s no wonder someone else usually hosts it for you! Hopefully you’ll glean some great ideas from this article.

The centerpiece of any great baby boy shower is, of course, the cake.

Any well designed cake is sure to thrill your audience, but there is a growing field of pregnancy cakes. What is a pregnancy cake, you ask? It is a yummy work of art that replicates a mom’s pregnant belly, or sometimes even a newborn baby.  These will supply abundant baby boy shower cake ideas if you look hard enough, and almost any bakery can make one.

Decorations for baby boy showers are a lot easier now.

Almost any animal or design can be used when you need a baby boy shower ideas, even though blues and other strong colors are still considered traditionally masculine. While a lot of parents default to images like sports cars, construction, and robots, even something as simple as baby footprints set the mood just fine. The decorations can be the same as your baby boy shower cake ideas to really tie everything together.

Here are some item for enhanced or improve your baby boy shower decorations :

1. Small World Toys IQ Baby Zoom Zoom Vehicles

Price : $34.99

2. Baby Farm Friends Bowling – This is For Baby Boy Shower Decorations With Themes Sport

Baby Farm Friends Bowling

Price : $24.99

3. DwellStudio Kids Zoo Shape Sorter – This is For Baby Boy Shower Decorations With Themes Animal

Zoo Shape Sorter

Price : $32.00


Lego Duplo Baby Zoo

Price : $12.99

Baby Boy Shower games give all the guests a chance to bond with each other.

This is one area where baby boy shower ideas abound. You can have guests make a “what will your baby look like” collage out of magazine cutouts. Teams of friends can race to see who can assemble products (toys, cribs, etc.) the fastest for a prize.

If you’re still grasping for baby boy shower cake ideas, have a few undecorated cakes on hand. They can be decorated, with a prize going for either the ugliest or most baby shower relevant design. Once you let your brain dream, there is no end to the fun you can have!

A lot of work goes into baby boy shower, so make it easy. Tie your party decorations and cake together. That way, regardless of budget size, it looks flawless and well thought out. Make your games easy for every guest to take part in, and above all have fun!Cheers for your baby boy shower party.


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