Ideas to Organize a Baby Shower

Organize a Baby Shower

Having a baby is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life. Celebrating the journey from the womb to the cradle is the most joyous of all occasions. A perfect baby shower would mark the occasion and would be the best possible present an expectant mother could get.

Organize a Baby Shower

Baby shower is not only a time to celebrate the coming of the new one, but also gives the mother-to -be and her friends a chance to share the happy phase together.

History of Baby Showers

The concept of celebrating the impending birth of a baby has been celebrated from time in-memorable. Few historians believe that the ceremonies to welcome a baby began some two thousand year back and was very popular in places like Rome and Egypt.

Traditionally, baby showers were given to the first born of the family and only women were the main invitees. They were held so that women could share their mothering experiences with the mother-to-be. Baby shower presents and favors also formed an important part of the baby shower rituals.

Gifts like diapers, cradle, etc., were a part of the baby shower gifts. The idea behind gifting such kind of presents was to prepare the mother-to-be for motherhood and to make sure that the basic things that a baby would need in the initial years of his/her life was provided to the mother.

Today’s Baby Shower Scenario

Though the times have changed, the tradition of celebrating the impending birth of a baby still holds strong. Though the style and the method of the celebration have changed, the core sentiment remains the same. Today, the guests enjoy a different style of baby showers.

Today, the guest list is not limited to only girls, but co-ed style of baby showers, wherein the parent-to-be along with their friends, also participate in the celebration. A wide variety of games, food, etc., makes the baby shower all the more fun.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower is a time where friends and family come together to welcome the impending birth of the baby. Baby shower gifts are a token of love that the guests wish to bestow on to the new born or yet to be born baby. Some of the baby shower gifts include:

  • Baby booties
  • Diaper packs
  • Baby toiletries like shampoos, lotions, soaps, etc.
  • Diaper bags
  • Baby cradles
  • Baby rockers
  • Baby play mat
  • Baby carrier
  • Car seat
  • Nursing pillow
  • Bottle sterilizers

Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games add a dash of fun and excitement to the baby shower. People belonging to all age groups enjoy some light hearted fun and games. The hostess must plan such games that are fun; at the same time, they can be enjoyed by people belonging to all age groups. Few games are:

  • Rice and safety pins
  • Grab the pacifier
  • Pin the baby
  • Memory games
  • Bottle race
  • Guess the baby food
  • Diaper marathon
  • Dress the baby
  • Pass the diaper
  • Guess the date

Baby Shower Themes

Baby shower themes make the celebration more elaborate and fun. The theme of the baby shower flows in all the aspects of the celebration, starting from the invites to the decor. Baby shower themes streamline the event well. The themes vary according to the sex of the baby. Few baby shower themes are:

For Boys –

  • Sports theme
  • Water surfing
  • Jungle theme
  • Rodeo theme
  • Explorer theme

For Girls –

  • Pink themed
  • Princess themed
  • Barbie themed
  • Lady bird theme
  • Nature theme

Baby Shower Decor

The decor aspect of any celebration holds a lot of importance. It not only adds on to the ambiance of the venue, but also adds to the beauty and specialness of the venue and the event. Baby shower decor must be monitored carefully and must be done tastefully.

A lot of emphasis is laid on the theme of the baby shower. For baby showers for girls, the main decor is all frills and nets; the color pink dominates the decoration. Whereas, while organizing baby shower for boys, the color theme changes to blue and the decor is planned sans the frills and nets.

But if a co-ed baby shower is organized, then the decoration is generally neutral and aesthetically pleasing to all the guests present.

For Girls

  • Paper cut dolls in bright colors can be used.
  • Fresh flowers can be used as center pieces to add a sophisticated touch to the venue.
  • Bright color streamers in shades of pink can be used.
  • Paper cuts of different cartoon characters can also be put.

For Boys

  • Shades of blue generally dominate the decorating
  • Paper cuts of cartoon characters are also used.
  • Balloons are evergreen decoration item
  • Sea shells, surf boards, baseball caps, etc., can be used as decoration props.
  • Miniature balls, bats, etc., can also be used.

Baby Shower Favors

It is a warm gesture to thank one’s friends and family for making your baby shower a grand success. Meaningful baby shower favors are the best ways to convey one’s regards and appreciation to the others. The baby shower favors must be selected carefully with a lot of thought.

They go a long way in keeping one’s baby shower fresh in the minds of the guests for a long time. A few thoughtful baby shower favors are:

  • Baby wreaths
  • Personalized coffee hampers
  • Customized cookie hampers
  • Customized candle tins
  • Picture mugs
  • Miniature photo albums
  • Personalized goodie bags
  • Vanity pouches
  • Cupcake in jars
  • Personalized chocolate boxes

The ritual of celebrating the birth of a new life has been prevalent from times immemorial. Generation after generation the custom continues. Though the times have changed and so has the custom of celebrating baby showers, the sentiment still remains the same.

The mom-to-be and her friends and family come together and bestow their blessings on to the new or would be mother. These days even the father-to-be and his friends partake in this happy occasion. The traditional methods have given way to the modern methods, but the essence remains the same and so does the feeling.

Baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate the coming of a new life, and it is also a novel way in helping the mother-to-be to prepare for this beautiful event.


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