Ideas for Organizing Coed Baby Showers

co ed baby shower

With the changing times, the concept of baby shower has also undergone a huge change. The event that was once only for the mom-to-be and her girlfriends has today transformed into something that is even celebrated by the father-to-be and his friends with equal enthusiasm.


co ed baby shower

Coed baby showers have become the latest buzz word. Today, metro sexual man flaunts his feminine side with elan and a great level of comfort. However, the feeling of baby showers remains the same though the only change is in the way that it is celebrated.


It is a very important component when it comes to celebrations. Decorations play a vital role in making an event a grand success. While hosting a coed baby shower, the decoration must be gender friendly. A pink themed decor would not go down to well with the dad-to-be and his friends. Hence, it becomes very important to plan the decor in such a way that it accommodates the aesthetic tastes of both the genders.

  • Avoid using frills, beads, etc. while decorating the venue.
  • Avoid a feminine decor. Remember you don’t want the dad-to-be and his friends to feel out of place.


Baby shower invites should not be gender sensitive, rather it should be neutral. The invites should have a personal and warm feel to it at same time. It should be masculine enough for the guys to appreciate it.
Make sure that equal number of women and men are invited for the event, least anyone feels outnumbered.

  • The invites should be detailed in terms of venue, theme and the most important, the time of the event.
  • Do not stress too much on the baby shower aspect; rather, let it be more of a celebration of the coming of a new life.
  • The invite must not be too elaborate or lavish. It should give the message that the event is nothing but fun and frolic.
  • Most importantly, search for ‘couple’ or ‘co-ed’ baby shower invites. Make sure it specifically mentions that the invite is for the couple.


The theme of the baby shower should appeal to both the guest lists. It should please the mom-to-be and her friends and at the same time, it should make the dad-to-be and his friends equally comfortable. The theme should be such that it is equally enjoyed by all present at the baby shower.

Neutral themes like barbecue baby shower, outdoor baby shower, etc., can be equally enjoyed by all the guests. In short, the theme should appeal to both the genders and should be enjoyed by all. The food and beverages should be such that both the genders can indulge themselves equally. Remember, it is all about enjoying the new phase of life called parenthood and sharing that joy with your near and dear ones.


Games should be planned and organized only after consulting the guests. Not all are keen to play games at a baby shower; few enjoy just conversing and mingling around, especially the guys; but if the guests are enthusiastic about playing games, then the hostess must plan such games that would involve all who are present for the event and must ensure that all would enjoy and participate. A few favorite baby shower games are:

Guzzle it Down

The hostess fills the feeding bottles with beer or beverages and asks the guests to gulp it down. The one that guzzles the quickest is declared as the winner.

Diaper Race

The hostess gives diapers to the guests and asks them to make a doll wear the diaper in 30 seconds. The guest who does it the fastest is declared as the winner.

Grab the Pacifier

The hostess lines up a few buckets of water and drops the pacifiers in them. She then makes the guests stand in a line on their knees with their hands tied behind; they need to grab as many pacifiers as they can in 1 minute. But the catch is that they can pick only one pacifier at a time. The one who collects the maximum number of pacifiers is declared as the winner.

Pin the Baby

This game is the baby shower version of ‘pin the donkey’. It is a fun game and is enjoyed by people belonging to all age groups. For this game, the hostess sticks a big baby picture and blind folds each guest. The guest is given a paper pacifier and all he needs to do is stick it on to the baby’s mouth. The guest who sticks it the closest is declared as the winner.

Rice and Pins

In this game, the hostess places a bowl full of rice and drops safety pins of various shapes and sizes. The guests are blindfolded and have to attempt to find as many safety pins as possible in one minute. The one with maximum safety pins is declared as the winner.


Thanking one’s friends and family is of utmost importance. It is always a warm gesture to give a token of love as remembrance and as a token of appreciation. Meaningful and well planned presents add a touch of warmth to the event. Since it is a coed baby shower, it is important to give party favors that make sense and hold some sentiments for all the invited guests equally. A few baby shower favor ideas are

  • Personalized coffee hampers
  • Personalized mugs with the picture of the guest along with the parent-to-be
  • Custom made fortune cookies
  • Custom made candle tins
  • Bestseller books with a personalized message in it
  • Assorted candy jars
  • Custom made mint tins
  • Family board games

Baby shower is a time to celebrate the impending birth of a little one. It is a nice gesture to include the dad-to-be and his friends in the celebrations. Coed baby shower is an opportunity where all the friends and family of the parents-to-be get a chance to part take in the couple’s joyous news.

It is now becoming more of a tradition than a trend to celebrate the coming of a new life together, irrespective of the gender. Coed baby showers have a little something for everyone on the guest list.


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