Ideas for Organizing a Baby Shower for Girls

baby shower for girls

Baby girls are bundles of joy. They are angels in disguise, with twinkle in their eyes. In the following we discuss few baby shower for girls for celebrating the arrival of a princess. Their frilly frocks and the dainty shoes, their rosy cheeks and ribboned ebony black, with their tiaras, they swirl in the magic land called the world – such is a charm of a baby girl.

baby shower for girls

Her anticipated arrival should be celebrated with special love and vigor. All things pink and bright add on to the specialness of the occasion.


A pink themed baby shower is the best way to prepare the mom-to-be to welcome her little princess. The theme can be incorporated in all the aspects of the event, starting from the invite to the decoration of the venue. Pink balloons, pink table spread, etc., can be used in the decor scheme. The food items can also be prepared according to the theme, for example, cupcakes with pink frosting, pink pretzels, etc.

Princess Themed Baby Shower

The princess themed baby shower will be a royal way of welcoming the little princess; tiara, royal sashes, buckled shoes all fall in perfect place in this theme. The party area can be decorated in such a manner that it resembles a ballroom.

The cutlery used during the event can bear a royal logo made out of paper and stuck behind the cutlery. The welcoming of the expecting mother can also be done in an elaborate fashion. This injects an element of fun and frolic to the occasion.

Nature Themed Baby Shower

This theme would find your guests dining and enjoying with paper monkeys, tigers and beautiful butterflies. This baby shower will bring guests close to the nature. The hostess can use real plants and bonsai to decorate the venue.

She can hang paper cut outs of animals like monkeys, butterflies, etc., on to the trees. Blocks of wood can be use as tables and wooden planks can be used as chairs. This is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the coming of the queen of the jungle!


Decoration baby shower for girls has to exhibit femininity and daintiness.

  • Paper cut outs of frilly frocks, Barbie dolls, elegant shoes, tiaras, etc., can be used for decoration.
  • Fresh flowers in various shades of pink not only add freshness to the venue, but also sophistication and elegance to the event.
  • Pink streamers and pom poms can also be incorporated. They add a fun element to the event.
  • Scented candles in different shapes and sizes can also be used to decorate the venue. Candles add a sense of calmness to the atmosphere: a virtue that baby girls symbolize.
  • A lot of frills and nets can also be used as a decorative item.
  • The hostess can request her guests to to bring their baby pictures and they can be hung around the room.
  • Famous female cartoon characters can also be used to decorate the room. The hostess can ask the guests for their favorite female cartoon character and then stick those characters in the room. It not only adds an element of fun, but also brings out the child hidden in your guests.
  • Brightly painted figurines of angels and fairies can also be used as a part of the decoration.
  • Replicas of angel wings made of bright paper and glitter can be used as a prop for the baby shower.


Games are not limited to the children, rather it brings a lot of excitement to the adults too. Baby shower games not only break the monotony of the event, but also remind that we all have a kid inside us just as naughty and restless as the one that is on her way! Few baby shower games for girls are:

Dress the Fastest

The guests are all given a doll and in a stipulated period of time, they are required to dress that doll. They need to find the right size of dress for the doll from the pile and the accessories to go with it. It is fun to see the guests rushing towards the stack of clothes and searching for the best option.

Style the Hair

The guests are given partners. They have to comb, style and ribbon the hair of their partners in a fixed period of time. Both the partners must have their hair styled by each other. The group who is the fastest wins the game.

Diaper the Kid

In this game, the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be are both given dolls. They are required to tie the diaper in the fixed time. The one who does it the fastest generally wins.


The guests are given a list of ten items and a doll kept at a distance. They are required to pick all the items carefully along with the doll and race to the finishing point without dropping a single thing. The person who drops his or her item is disqualified.


It is always a nice gesture to thank the people who came and shared the joy of coming of the little princess. It is a thoughtful gesture to give a parting present as a gesture of appreciation to your near and dear ones. A few baby shower favors for girls are:

Baby Wreaths

Personalized baby wreaths can be given to the guests as a party favor. Wreaths in concurrence with the theme of the baby shower can be given by the hostess to the guests.

Customized Scented Candles

Scented candles is a beautiful gesture that the hostess can present to her guests. The hostess can take a note of the personal favorites of her guests and present them accordingly. Candles make an elegant baby shower favor.

Customized Coffee/Tea Hamper

Customized coffee/tea hampers can also be presented as a baby shower favor. The hostess can take a note of the choices of her guests in terms of flavor and pack the tea bags or coffee beans accordingly.

Picture Mugs

This baby shower favor requires meticulous planning and a precise guest list. The hostess can click individual pictures of the guests with the mother of honor and emboss it on individual mugs with a personalized thank you note. This party favor adds a touch of warmth and the recipients have something personal to take back with them.

Baby girls are small bundles of blessings that God personally wraps and decides the ones who are worthy of receiving it. Baby shower for girls welcoming the little angels must have a little glitter, a little gold and lots of joy and a lot to be told. Let the pinks and the frills flow, let the mother-to-be glow, let their be pomp and splendor because it is a precious gender! Yes, it is a girl!


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