How To Plan A Baby Shower On a Budget

baby shower on budget

Today’s I’m going to be sharing with you my five top tips of how you can plan a baby shower on a budget. so definitely stay tuned to the very end. My first top tip would be number 1. Find the location. The location of the event is quite important.

baby shower on budget

it doesn’t have to be elaborate place it has to be a stately home or anything it could just be in your own home or family friend’s home or even the month of being home or somewhere where all her guests can come together and be enjoy this amazing.

Baby shower top tip number 2. Invitations. We’ve come a long way now from technology. we’ve got things like whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, email and it can be sometimes much quicker to send, so an invitation get a quicker response by sending them a natural online invitation,

there’s things like paperless evite where you can actually send an invite online but I also use a special tool called exes. okay so here we are on the EXCI website etsy.com. if you just type that into your browser exocomp which is just here and it will bring this page which is basically a marketplace for people who are independent sellers and they sell all their original work.

so it’s a great place to buy gifts, jewelry, artwork. I mean the summer different thing than here definitely worth having a look and it’s an international portal where you can buy things from all over the world and if you want to sell things you can sell things on here as well.

but it is for people who are crafters who can sell original one-piece items. so if you’re looking for invitations for example all you need to do is go in and type baby shower. as you can see it’s called a lot of different things already decorations, guestbook, cake toppers is save a lot of different things that you can actually use in here.

it’s just press search and then it comes up with lots of different suggestions of invitations ideas and let’s have a look at one of them right now. so cute one and as you can see you’ll tell you how much it cost and you’ll give me a bit more about the cellar in the cellar ears and a lot of the invitations that if you are downloading it very some of them instant downloads specific this one and so there might be like obviously send you an email within 24 hours and but basically is a really great way which considers one invitation that’s a siesta track baby shower.

let’s just go back see what other combinations that are can actually get people to send you in station types out as well. but obviously we’re looking for a budget that’s what we’re looking for at the moment a budget and if you just type it in you can go in and just in change your search by course relevancy.

so this is obviously a pack this one see one more key one. so it will tell you more like a key one which are there and it will give you a description of what it’s about and you can actually measure the seller or you cannot to see what other things that they’ll have in her shop as well artists shop and what’s the sequence and you can see I do get carried away in here.

so I think it’s a great portal and you’ve got some amazing artists and very skilled crafters and here who design their artwork and you can then download it, and print, simple. All you got to do is download it go through your local shop, print it off. you can just send it in a walks up or messenger as a messenger tax and that’s literally exes a lot of useful.

Top tip number 3 is the food. Everyone loves food and you don’t have to actually go and get a caterer. this is something that you and your family can do for the moment to be if everyone brings either a part are a dish with some kind of niblets and also investing going to like the local cash and curry they have product there.

you can actually buy like bread or even platters of sandwiches. I know a lot of whole sales have a platters of sandwiches that you can actually buy. but also just everyone make something make a dish and bring it together and if we and lovely spread.

Top tip number 4 is all about the baby shower games and the prizes. You don’t need no expensive equipment on expensive prizes you’re just having some fun with the moment could be and gain everyone involved. so you have really don’t really need that much equipment long as you’ve got some pens from pencil and a variety of games that’s all that you need.

Tip number 5 is all about the decoration. You don’t have to spend massive amount on decorations you can be very creative and make your own these tissues and petals here also just by getting like lots of like baby and onesies from the local and dollar store or Pam stores.

because things like this but onesies and just hang them up on washing lines around the room be really crazy go down to your local dollar store pounds door and just find streamers balloon and just have fun with it and just be really creative.

but your juices flowing and think about what could we make have certain things so these are great for thing petals that was my fifth top tip. It is families size up tips real useful definite like share and comment and I believe me comment below on what else is likely to teach you in lots of minuses of quality.

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