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Different Ideas for Baby Shower Decorations

Different Ideas for Baby Shower Decorations

Baby shower is a special time. It is a time to celebrate and share the joyous arrival of a new life. With just a few well placed decorative items, one can set the perfect mood for a perfect baby shower. In this article, we intend to discuss a few easy baby shower decoration ideas that would help you host a memorable baby shower.

baby shower decorations

A well decorated venue adds that extra something that makes the whole event a special one. Carefully chalked out decorative plans go a long way in setting the mood for a successful baby shower. Theme Based Decoration

The hostess can decide a theme for her baby shower and everything starting from the invites to the decor can be based on the same. A theme based baby shower must be carefully co-ordinated. The hostess can decide the theme from a large plethora of choices available.

Few examples of themes are color based theme, kindergarten theme, outdoor theme, jungle theme, etc. A good theme injects a fun element to the baby shower.


Balloons are an evergreen decorative option. People belonging to all age groups love and enjoy balloons. Other than being a timeless decorative item, balloons are the most widely used and easily available decorative option.

The color of the balloons can be decided according to the sex of the baby; pink for the little angel and blue for the little dude! However, if the sex of the baby is not known, then neutral colored balloons like yellow, red, etc., can be used.

These balloons can be tied in clusters of 3-4 or they may be tied to the chairs of the guests or the can be left loose around the venue room; either way they add on to the charm and elegance of the occasion.


Confetti is an all time party staple. Easily available in any decoration store, they add a touch of pizazz to the celebration. Confetti is available in various shapes and sizes like baby booties, ducks, monkeys, etc. The hostess can sprinkle the confetti on to the serving tables, gift tables, tables of the guests and some even on the floor; the more the better! So just have fun with it.

Baby Cloth Lines

Another interesting baby shower decoration idea would be to tie a cloth string across the room and hang baby clothes like cute baby frocks, jumpers, baby caps, mittens, baby socks, etc., on to the line. Another idea would be to leave the cloth string empty and request the guests to bring along any piece of baby clothing and hang it onto the line. This decoration idea is very pocket friendly and at the same time extremely cute and adorable.

Diaper Line

The hostess can tie a string across the room and hang baby diapers on it. She can then take non-toxic paint and write cute baby messages for the guests, or she can also use the same to mark the seating area for each of her guests. This new, innovative and fun idea will leave the guests surprised and wonder struck, but in a good way!

Fresh Flowers

The charm of fresh flowers never go stale. Beautifully arranged flowers add a sophisticated touch to the venue. One can be innovative and place fresh flowers in big feeding bottles. The beauty of the flowers will not go unnoticed, neither will the wacky aesthetics of the hostess.

Paper Cut-outs and Streamers

Paper cut-outs were every one’s favorite craft pass-time at one time or the other; bring back the memories of kindergarten using then as decoration. Paper cut-outs in various shapes like babies, feeding bottles, mittens, socks, animals, etc., can be used to decorate the venue. Party streamers can also be used to decorate the area. This eco-friendly way of decoration will surely win many brownie points for you from your friends!

Multi-purpose Baby Bottle

The baby bottles can be kept on the guest tables with ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, etc., filled in them. This is a cute way of dressing up the guest tables, without going over board and keeping with the theme of the baby shower.

Table Accessories

It is essential to dress the table properly according to the theme of the celebration. The table should be set in accordance to the mood of the event, and it is important that it is done tastefully. A skillfully done table for the guests will always be positively received by the guests.

The hostess can loosen the boundaries of her imagination. Baby blankets can be used in place of conventional table cloth. The bib or the burp cloth can be used as napkins; baby bottle pads can be used as coasters and teeters, and pacifiers can be used as napkin holders and so on.

Tissue Paper Pom-poms

Tissue paper of different colors can be used to make paper pom-poms. They adorn the dining area beautifully. Tissue paper pom poms are easy to make and look very graceful. Take different color tissues and trim the ends at different angles to make elegant creations. They are cheap, yet a classy way of doing up the venue.

Photo Garland

Photos capture the moments and keep them forever. They bring back memories and help to relive those moments time and again. Another novel idea for baby shower decoration is to use the baby snaps of the parents and make a garland of them and string it across the room.

The hostess can also request her guests to bring their baby pictures and they to can be hung on the photo string as well. This would impart a personal touch to the baby shower and would make it all the more warm.

Baby Christmas Tree

The hostess can invest in a small pine tree that she can decorate as per the theme of the event. She can make a small family tree with baby pictures of her family members sorted generation wise. It is not only a fun way of introducing one’s family to the guests, but is also a beautiful way of re-living the facets of once family.

Baby Wreath

This is another beautiful way of decorating for the baby shower. Pre-made baby wreaths are available in all the craft shops. The hostess can buy these wreaths and write baby shower messages for the unborn, or she can get wreaths matching to the theme of the baby shower.

These wreaths can be hung on to the walls, doors, etc. After the event, these wreaths can be distributed amongst the guests.

Baby shower is a precious time, wherein the friends and family along with the expectant mother celebrate the coming of a new life. Baby shower decorations add to the mood of this celebration. It’s the decoration that sets the atmosphere for the joyous event. They add an element of fun and liveliness to the occasion.


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