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fresh baby shower ideas

Seeing the new life into the world can be a joyous event, full of hope, full of tear of happiness, especially for the elderly. Hosting a baby shower as a welcome party for your’s family new member, therefore, should be fun and interested free moment for everyone.

fresh baby shower ideas

It may be funny in all things, preparing all the details and decorating the baby shower with ideas in mind will looks great and fun at the same time. With the enough time and knowledge about how to planning the baby shower and advice from many people that had hosted baby showers, can make the welcoming party for the new baby boy or girls.

You can ask her for sharing the time with you and discuss all you need to decide. Select the appropriate date for this event and write the guest list. Set a budget and choose a location and the theme for baby shower. Create baby shower as unique as possible.

After deciding on the date and location of the baby shower, you now can buy invitations, centerpiece, a welcome sign, handmade paper, lights, balloons, ribbons, napkins, paper plates or a special plates,also hand tools and gifts or souvenirs.

You can hang lanterns around the room as decoration. Try to made of cardboard signs that say baby-ishly “WANT YOU EAT ME ?” and “Try Me” and hang them on the table where food is served. In distributing invitations, make sure you have completed the time, date, location, and even a map, so visitors will have no problems related to how they will attend to the party.

You can also combine your ideas about baby shower decorations for a great party games.

You can make a little blue cloth diapers. Put a little mustard or other condiments such as dirt in the middle baby diapers and pins of all closed. Distribution of diapers for each guest as he entered the room. Guest get dirty diaper prize catches.

You can also divide the guests into two groups. A team will try to change a diaper as many as possible, while another team spray the guest with an water spray gun to simulate when the baby boys have their diapers changed.

There will be a time limit for the team to change the diapers. The team that charge in the change of the diapers will switch their role. The team, which had changes many or a lot diaper at the play time will wins.

After the game, the guests are hungry for sure. At this point, you can still incorporate about your decorating ideas in this baby shower. You can plan a menu for shower equipped with blue and said “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl”.

Rail drinks or drinks by mixing blue raspberry syrup and lemon-lime, blue, or Kool-Aid with pineapple sorbet. For solid foods, which can serve as a piece of bone from the meat, mashed potatoes, cheeseburgers and even turnips and carrots coated with icing sugar. You can also try to make cupcakes with cream cheese or lemon and blueberry cake for dessert.


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