Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

Baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby. Twins are double joy, double delight and twice as nice. However, preparing a baby shower for twins is not double the effort. Few things if incorporated well goes a long way in making the baby shower a successful one.

baby shower for twins


The invitations for a twin baby shower need to be apt. It should give a clear idea to the recipient as to what the event is all about. The invites should be for twin baby showers and if the mother-to-be has revealed the gender of her twins, then gender specific invitations would be perfect for the occasion. Pre-printed or hand made invitations, the hostess has a plethora to choose from.


The theme plays a vital role in binding the whole celebration together. A theme kind of ties the whole event together. It is very important for the hostess to select an appropriate theme for the event. The theme should flow from the invite to the decor to the favors. There are many themes that the hostess can choose from. A few are:

Two Peas in a Pod

The hostess can put two candles in a voile and place as a decorative. She can even make the decor in shades of green and stick pea pods made out of paper on the walls. The hostess can also tie a string across the room and write “two peas in a pod”.

Noah’s Ark

This is another great theme that the hostess could use. The Noah’s arc is a perfect symbol of pairs. The hostess can make miniature thermacoal versions of Noah’s arc and place it all around the venue. She can also make miniature versions of the same and use as center piece for the baby shower. Stuffed animals can also be included as a decoration item. The hostess can put paper droplets and rainbows to further decorate the venue. The food and beverages for the baby shower can also reflect the theme.

Bird’s Nest

This is a sweet and adorable way of celebrating baby shower. The hostess can make a few bird nests out of straw and place two eggs in to it. She can use it as a center piece or can be kept around the venue as decoration prop. Edible nests and easter eggs are other yummy ways of going about this theme.

Twin Cowboys

If choosing this theme, the hostess can hang cowboy caps, horse saddle, baby cow boy boots, etc., all around the venue. The hostess can also put paper cutouts of twin cowboys with horses as part of the décor.


The decoration aspect of any event plays a very important role in the success of an event. Apt decoration not only adds to the ambiance of the event, but also enhances the aesthetics of the venue. A baby shower decoration must be fun and bright. The decoration for the twins must be double fun and double special. The decoration can be either neutral or gender specific.

If the mother has announced the gender of her twins, then the decoration can be gender specific. On the other hand, a neutral themed decor will do just fine.
Fresh flowers add a touch of freshness to the venue. It not only is a beautiful way of decoration, but also adds to a certain amount of freshness to the event.
Balloons are an all time favorite decoration idea. Balloons add a fun element to the decor and is an old favorite of all, irrespective of their age.
Party streamer is another decoration idea that would be apt for a baby shower decoration.
Decorative and scented candles can also be used in the baby shower decor. It adds a feel of serenity and calmness to the venue.
Baby pictures of the guests can be hung across the room . This is a fun way of making everyone a part of the celebration.
The hostess can stick paper cuts of twin berries, twin balloons, animals, cartoons, etc., to add to the fun element of the celebration.

Twin Baby Shower Favors

It is of utmost importance that the mom-to-be thanks and appreciates the efforts of her friends and family to make her baby shower a grand success. Meaningful and well thought baby shower favors form the perfect way to end a beautiful event. Few favor ideas are:

  • Two boxes of assorted candies
  • Two tickets to the local mall
  • Two assorted coffee hampers
  • Twin voiles of scented candles
  • Two pairs of vanity bags with two lotions, two shampoo pouches, etc.
  • Twin goodie bags
  • Cute pairs of gloves
  • Pair of earrings
  • Twin Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower is a time to celebrate the impending birth of not one but two bundles of joy. It is a time to shower ones blessings on the yet-to-be born.

  • A pair of baby mittens
  • Twin walkers
  • Twin baby prams
  • Twin baby cradle
  • Twin play mats
  • Twin feeding chairs
  • A pair of tethers
  • Stuffed animals
  • Sippy cups
  • Twin diaper packs and bag

The birth of twins is a moment of experiencing twice the amount of pleasure and twice the amount of joy. The inseparable companionship of the two babies must be celebrated with splendor and galore.


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