Awesome Ideas For Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations ideas

Baby shower is a time to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby. It is a time to rejoice and make merry and to prepare the mother-to-be to welcome the new addition to the family. Baby shower invitations play a major role in a baby shower.

baby shower invitations

They are used to announce the event formally to friends and family. A baby shower is generally organized by the expectant mother’s close friends. The hostess cannot afford to overlook the importance of a good and meaningful invitation.

The invitation is not just an invite, but a gesture of extending the family’s wish to celebrate the joyous moment with close friends and family. The invite of a baby shower forms an indispensable part of the event.

However, choosing the best and the most appropriate invitation is a challenge. The hostess has to keep a number of things in mind while selecting an invitation for the event. A few selection ideas are:

A baby shower invite plays a vital role since it communicates vital information about the venue, the theme, the timings, etc.

A baby shower invitations must reflect the taste and personality of the expectant mother. The hostess must make an attempt in finalizing an invitation that reflects the mother-to-be’s personality and must be according to her liking.

A baby shower invite is the start of any baby shower, hence it must be special, yet classy and must convey warmth to the invitees.

A good baby shower invitations appeals to all guests alike, irrespective of their age or gender. It must be classy without going overboard.

If the mom-to-be has announced the gender of the baby, it is very important and apt that the invite is based on it. Gender appropriate invitations not only streamline the event, but also make it easier for the guests to choose the presents as well as party favors.

Gender appropriate invites like pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys make the card attractive and cute. However, if the gender of the baby is not known, then neutral colored cards work well.
It is very important to have an eye for the quality of the invitation. The invite should convey the warmth and love of the hosts. It must be an appealing card that would stay as a memory or souvenir for the guests.

A good invite must have all the details required by the guests. Details like the phone numbers of the hostess as well as the expectant mother, detailed information of whether it is an all girls or co-ed baby shower and whether bringing along ones children or friends is convenient, etc.

Types of Baby Shower Invitations

Hand Made Invites

These invites add a touch of warmth to the invitation. Handmade invites are considered as thoughtful gestures on the part of the hostess and the effort is always appreciated. Handmade invitations not only show the artistic side of the hostess, but the forwarded gesture of love too.

Pre-Printed Invitations

These invitations have blanks in them. All the hostess has to do is fill the given blanks with the required information and take a computer print of it. These invites are very commonly available in all stationary shops.

Computer Templates

These are ready made invite templates, the hostess can chose the color palatee and type the desired data and take print out and distribute.


With changing times and growing distances, emails are the fastest and the most convenient form of communication. E-mail invites are gaining popularity these days. It reaches its recipients in matter of seconds and so does the reply.

Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations

Invitation in a Bottle

This is a novel way of inviting the guests. The hostess needs to buy many small feeding bottles and place a written invitation in the tiny feeding bottles. It is a fun way of inviting people for a baby shower.

Baby Shower Date Magnet

A date magnet with the name of the expectant parent and the date and time of the baby shower is mentioned. The guests find it convenient, as all they have to do is stick the magnet to their fridge and remember the day.

Baby Bib Invitation

The hostess can make bibs out of paper and write the invite on it. This is a cute and innovative way of sending baby shower invites.

Baby Carriage Invitation

The hostess can get ready made miniature baby carriages and decorate it according to the gender of the baby and sent as an invite. They look adorable and can be kept by the guests as a souvenir.

Baby shower is a beautiful way of celebrating the impending birth of a new baby. It is a time to share the joyous news with the near and dear ones. Baby showers facilitate the friends and family of the expectant mother to help the mother prepare for this new phase of life.

With changing times, the baby shower celebration is not limited to the mom-to-be and her friends, but the dad-to-be and his friends take keen interest in it too. The baby shower invitations are a way to formally welcome the guests for the celebrations.

It is a way to intimate friends and family about the event and the details with regard to it. Carefully planned invitations go a long way in making the event a success. The invitation also acts as a souvenir for the guests. It would be something that will keep the memories of the baby shower fresh for a long time.


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