Awesome Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Awesome Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Every child is a priceless blessing from God. Boys are made of sugar and spice. Having a son is a far different experience than having a daughter; they are naughty, wild, restless, an adventurous and an untraveled journey. Here are some baby shower ideas for boys you can adopt.

baby shower ideas for boys

Celebrating the impending birth of boys is a huge adventure in itself. Shades of blue dominate the celebrations. All things tender and fragile are replaced with rugged and sporty. Such is the magic of having a baby shower ideas for boys. His anticipated arrival should be celebrated with special love and vigor and a mental preparedness to welcome a storm.

Baby shower ideas for boys


A color themed baby shower ideas for boys is a fun and convenient option for the hostess. A blue themed baby shower is the best way to prepare the mom-to-be to welcome her little prince. The theme can be incorporated in all the aspects of the event, starting from the invite to the decoration of the venue.

Blue balloons, blue table spread, etc., can be used in the decor scheme. The food items can also be prepared according to the theme; for example, cupcakes with blue frosting, finger foods etc.

Water Surfing

water surfing baby shower theme

This could be used as a theme for the baby shower. Paper cut-outs of surf boards can be used to decorate the venue. Corals, fishes, umbrellas, etc., can also be use to do up the place. The food and beverages must reflect the theme. The hostess can request the guests to come dressed as beach surfers. This would add on to the fun element.

Book Themed Baby Shower

Book Themed Baby Shower

The hostess can request the guests to bring in their favorite chidren’s book. The guests can then read around and discuss about the the books. Posters of various children’s book covers can be hung on to the walls as decorations. This theme would be apt for people who have a liking towards reading and books. This baby shower would be a very relaxed, yet enriching one!

Sports Themed

sport themed baby shower

This is an apt theme for celebrating the anticipated arrival of the little prince. The hostess can use the family’s favorite sport or can do a general sports theme and cover a wider number of sport like soccer. Finger foods like burgers, hot dogs, etc., would be a good bet to serve.

The decor of the venue can also be done up in according to the theme. Miniature balls, base ball bats, etc., can be used to decorate the room. The serving table can be covered with a fake green turf that can be used in place of a table cloth. This theme injects a sense of fun and frolic to the event.


The decoration for a baby shower, especially for boys must be fun and full of energy:

Balloons are an ever green decoration accessory. Balloons in shades of blue go extremely well when it comes to decorating for the baby shower. The hostess can tie the balloons on to the seating area as well as leave a few on the ground and a few on the dining and gift tables.

balloons baby shower theme

  • The more the better! Miniature balls, base ball caps, base ball bats, etc., can also be incorporated into the decoration.
  • Cut outs of different animals can also be stuck around the venue.
  • Beautifully arranged flowers add beauty to the venue.
  • Ribbons, streamers and pom poms in solid colors also add a fun element to your decor.
  • Famous male cartoon characters can also be used to decorate the room. The hostess can ask the guests for their favorite male cartoon character and then stick those characters in the room. It not only adds an element of fun, but also brings out the child hidden in your guests.
  • Real shells and surf boards can also be an innovative way of doing up the venue.


Egg-Spoon Race

The hostess can give each guest an egg and ask them to draw eyes and hair with the given marker. They are then required to place the egg on to a spoon; the hostess would then ask the guests to race towards a certain point. The one who reaches the assigned point without dropping the egg is declared as the winner. No hands allowed!

Memory Magic

In this game, the hostess distributes a sheet of paper to the guests, after which, she shows them a few items and gives them 1 minute to jot down all the items that they could remember. The guest that would be able to remember the most items is declared as the winner.

Rice and Pin

This is a very exciting game and can be played by people belonging to all age groups. The hostess would place a bowl full of rice and hide safety pins of various sizes into it. Each guest is then individually called and blindfolded; they are then asked to pick the maximum number of pins from the rice bowl in a time period of 30 seconds. The one who collects the maximum safety pins is declared the winner.

Baby Quiz

This is a fun way to get the guests tickle their brains. In this game, the hostess prepares a set of few baby related questions like how many diapers are generally used in a year. She then gives a small table bell to all the guests and starts to ask questions. The one who gives the maximum right answers is declared as the winner.

Baby Shower Favors

It is a nice gesture to thank and show one’s gratitude to one’s near and dear ones for celebrating the occasion and for making it a memorable one. Carefully and thoughtfully planned baby shower favors go a long way in making the whole event a successful one.

Personalized Candy Jars

Personalized Candy Jars

Personalized candy jars can be given as a token of love and appreciation. A note of the guests’ favorite flavors and colors must be made well in advance. They should be then packed with personalized thank you messages for all the guests. It is a sweet way of returning the affection.

Goodie Hamper

Goodie Hamper

The hostess can order individual goodie hampers. Each goodie hamper can have a selection of items like assorted cookies, a personalized bag of tea leaves or coffee beans, personalized thank-you card, etc. It is important to keep the guests’ personal likings in mind.

Decorative Candles

Decorative Candles

They form a very sophisticated party favor. Decorative candles come in different shapes and sizes. They also come in various fragrances. The lady of honor has a wide variety to choose from. She could choose a fragrance and a shape most appropriate and gift them as a baby shower favor to the guests.

Vanity Pouches

vanity pouches baby shower

The hostess can present colorful vanity pouches to her girlfriends. Make up is a woman’s best friend, and it would make an apt baby shower favor. The lady of honor can pack skin lotions and perfumes in small travel bottles and pack them in colorful pouches.

Boys are bundles of energy, buckets of mischief and pools of naughtiness. No moment goes dull with a little fellow around. Celebrating the coming of the little man gives the mother an opportunity to prepare herself to tame a tornado called son and also to cherish the new role called motherhood.


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