5 Best Toddler Step Stool Reviews and Comparisons

In this article we will discuss the main purpose of having a step stool for toddler at home for your family. Children surprisingly grow up quickly. Between ages 1 month to 12 months, children start to grow physically and emotionally. They also start to develop their cognitive, motor and sensory skills. Language skills will also start to be develop.

As your child develops his skills, our main role as parents is to support and teach them how to become a better individual. Showing support in a way that we start to purchase things that is most needed as they grow up. Things that include educational materials to help develop their skills, a walker to help them learn how to walk, a step stool that can assist them in reaching high objects and many more. With the use of a step stool, they can also use this to reach the sink or even for potty training.

There are so many different uses and different kinds of a step stool. Not just for our toddlers but also for us adults in order to reach high objects. This can also help us parents for our toddlers to reach high objects without carrying them anymore. What is good in having a step stool is that, some stools are multifunctional.

They can be used as a chair, bedside table, child’s desk, for potty training, and can also be used to reach high objects in the kitchen and in the toilet. Just be creative, and you will enjoy using step stools.

5 Best Step Stool and Reviews

1.Little Partners Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool for Toddlers or Any Little Helper – Natural

step stool for toddler

Product dimension: 39 x 24 x 22 inches

Item weight: 28 pounds

Age: 18 months and up

Colors: Dark cherry, ebony, espresso, green, natural, red, white

Material: solid wood, Made from layered Birch & Poplar with a non-toxic, lead-free finish that cleans easily.

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What is the best step stool for toddlers? The Little Partners Learning Tower Kids Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool is one of the best step stool for the reason that it is made with additional fun features that encourages your toddlers to use it.

It is designed to secure your toddlers in place while they are on it because it has handles on each side. This is best used specifically in the kitchen to help feed their curiosity and willingness to learn while in the kitchen. With the use of this step stool, it allows your toddler to stand safely beside the counter without an adult carrying them.

It helps us parents a lot most especially when we need to prepare meals for the family. You can just set an activity on the table and your toddler can climb up the step stool without any assistance. You can have a great bonding with your toddlers. You can use this as a step stool for toddlers to reach sink areas, and wash the dishes and train them how to become your assistant little chefs with the help of this step stool for toddler with handles.

This has gained users choice for the reason that it is great for toddlers 18 months and above. Toddlers can also easily climb up the step stool with less assistance while making parents feel secure. As your child grows, this can also be adjusted to the height that they are comfortable with.

Parents love this product a lot for the reason that they can train their little ones on how to be independent by allowing them to participate in some kitchen activities. It has seven different colors that you can choose from and parents love the natural color for it matches their kitchen.

The only issue it has is that other users thinks that the sides are not that safe because it does not have any cover to protect in case your toddler falls. If your little one is not good in balancing, they might slip out and fall. They also find the product very heavy and big to the extent that it occupies a lot of space. However, despite of having its drawback,  this still gained for parents their peace of mind since it assures the safety of their little one.


2.Kids Best Friend Boys Blue Step Stool, Take It Along in Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room. Great For potty Training!

kids step stool

Product dimension: 14.5 x 10 x 5.5 inches

Item weight: 2.4 ounces

Age: children all ages

Colors: blue, pink

Material: plastic with non slip on top

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Potty training is one of the most important thing that you need to do to your child. In order to train your child effectively, we recommend you to choose and purchase a potty chair that has additional features and a step stool to assist them climb up the adult toilet. Having these kinds of product can easily encourage your toddlers to learn how to use the potty effectively.

Kids Best Friend Boys Blue Step Stool is the best step stool for potty training. It has an anti slip on top to prevent your child from slipping and falling. If you do not have a potty chair for your toddler, you can use a small toilet potty to train your toddlers on how to use the potty and with the help of a step stool, they can reach the toilet with less assistance.

This has small floor grippers that prevents it from slipping whenever your toilet floor is wet and this is designed most specifically for your children. This step stool is not just for the toilet but can also be used in the kitchen, bedroom and also the living room. Your child can even use this as a chair while they are studying or eating on their table.

This gained negative feedback for the reason that it stays as is. It does not extend higher or can be adjusted to your preferred height. So it would be best to purchase this product when your child is big enough to use this stool in order to reach the sink.

Despite having its flaws,  this still made users happy to use it because it weighs less and is easy to carry. It is safe for it has an anti slip that prevents their child from falling. Compared to the other recommended step stool for toddler, this is also multifunctional.  It is not just the best step stool for potty,  but is also used for reaching high objects in the kitchen, bedroom and living room.

3.Jeronic 11-Inch Folding Step Stool Holds up to 300 lb


Product dimension: 15.7 x 13.2 x 1.6 inches

Item weight: 22.6 pounds

Age: kids and adults up to 300 pounds

Colors: white, black

Material: plastic


Our little ones love to participate in whatever we are doing both in the kitchen and in the toilet. Once they try to pull a chair towards you just to see what you are doing, never say no. Instead, allow them to do it because at that age, they are already trying to feed their curiosity and thirst for knowledge which is great for better brain development.

As our toddlers grow, it is very important for us parents to encourage and teach our little ones the importance of hygiene habits. This includes washing hands and brushing their teeth. Having a step stool for toddler to reach sink helps you and your toddlers a lot.

The Jeronic 11-inch Folding Step Stool is a toddler step stool for bathroom and for the kitchen as well. This can be used for both a child and an adult weighing up to 300 pounds.  You just have to make sure that your child knows how to balance. This is also a multifunctional step stool for it can also be used as a chair.

It allows easy storage by folding the stool with just a flip of the hand. It is lightweight that makes it easy for you to carry from room to room. This is also the best step stool for potty training whenever your toddler cannot reach the floor.

The Jeronic 11-inch Folding Step stool made users happy and gave it a 5 star rating for the reason that it allows them to reach cabinets in the kitchen without pulling a huge ladder. It has a design on top that makes it safe and prevents you from slipping.

It allows your toddler to be responsible because they can easily carry this and assemble because of its small, light and compact feature. The only drawback that it has is that it easily breaks that allows them to fall off and purchase another stool,  and for that reason, we ranked this as our third choice as the best step stool for toddler.

4.OliaDesign Children’s Slip Resistant Two Levels Step Stool

children step stool


Product dimension: 13.5 x 5 x 10.3 inches

Item weight: 12.8 ounces

Age: all ages

Colors: blue, black

Material: plastic, Polypropylene, Synthetic rubber

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There are so many types of step stools in the market that you can choose from. When choosing a step stool, it will depend on where you will use it. However, we recommend you to purchase a step stool that is multifunctional. Having a step stool in the house can train your child to be confident to climb up with less assistance.

We all know that children loves to climb up and down and as parents, we should make sure that they are safe always. The best step stools can also teach your child reach what they want to reach. Step stools have been so helpful for parents who do not have a nanny or a babysitter to carry their child while in the kitchen or in the toilet while they are doing household chores.

The Olia Design Children’s Slip Resistant Two Levels Step Stool  ranked as fourth on the list. The same as the other step stool for toddlers, you do not have to worry about your child slipping and falling off the stool for this has an anti slip that is very safe for you toddlers.

This can also be used for both toilet and kitchen that makes it easier for you to reach the sink and objects on high shelves. This has two-level steps that can help your child climb up and down the bed, check outside the window, wash their hands, help wash the dishes, and brush their teeth. This is very light and has side handles that allows your child to carry it around the house.

It gained positive reviews, for it weighs very light that allows toddlers to carry it from one room to another. It does not adjust but it has a second level step stool. It is safe and was able to help their toddlers boost their confidence from climbing up and down the step stool. Other users find this stool a little bit short making it difficult for their toddlers to reach their sink. For that reason, we ranked this as our fourth choice as the best step stool for toddler.

5.Folding Step Stool

toddler step stool

Product dimension: 24 x 15 x 24 inches

Item weight: 15 pounds

Age: all ages

Colors: cappuccino, white

Material: solid hardwood

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Whether it is plastic or wood, single or expandable, with or without handles, when choosing a step stool it would still depend on your preference. Always make sure to check on the material used, slip resistance and load capacity in order not to be disappointed and to prevent accidents.

Step stools are very helpful and useful that family needs to have it in the house. However, no matter how good your child is in balancing and climbing up the step stool. As a parent, we should still be there to assist and guide them.

The Folding step stool is made of solid hardwood that makes it a little bit heavier to carry and transfer from each corner of the house as compared with to other step stools mentioned above. This is also a multifunctional step stool that can also be used as a dining chair. This has an extra step for those hard to reach areas in the house.

You can also use this step stool outside your house when painting the wall or cutting tall plants. This is best to be used mostly in the kitchen because this might cause the wood to decay when used inside the toilet and while having a wet floor. This can easily be stored by just pushing the first and second level inwards. Having these great features gained users trust to purchase this product.

The only issue that is has is that it does not have any side handles where your toddlers can hold onto when climbing up. It does not have an anti-slip to prevent you from slipping and falling. Since it is made of wood, always make sure that your feet are dry when using it.

Most users’ concern upon purchasing this product is that the screw and the hole is not in-line which allows users to encounter problems in assembling this step stool. For that reason, this ranked as the last on our list as the best step stool for toddler.

To sum it up:

There are still different kinds of step stools in the market. The one that we have shared to you are one of the best step stools based on its durability and testimonials from users that we know. Step stools have  been so helpful in many ways from reaching high objects in the kitchen and in the toilet,  to training your child to use the potty.

Not just for our child, but also for us adults as well. When choosing the best step stools, always consider checking on the materials used, load capacity and safety to prevent accidents.

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