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16 Best Baby Shower Party Favors Ideas

baby shower party favors ideas

A baby shower party favors is a nice way of saying thank you to one’s friends and family who planned a memorable baby shower for you. It is a pleasant gesture to convey your appreciation to your friends and family for the baby shower they organized for you.

baby shower party favors

It is always important to make the favors genuine and with a personal touch. Here are a few baby shower party favors ideas.

16 Baby Shower party favors Ideas

1.Candy Assortment

candy bar baby shower favors

Candy in different colors like pink, blue, red, yellow, etc., can be packed together with a thank you card on it. The hostess can pack the assorted candies together with a ribbon matching the sex of the baby or if the sex of the baby is not known, then a neutral colored ribbon can be used. A personalized ‘thank you’ card, with a well thought thank you message can also be given with the candies.

2.Scented Soaps

Scented Soaps baby shower

Scented soaps make a very good baby shower favor. Colorful scented soaps in interesting shapes and sizes can be presented to the guests. To personalize it further, the hostess can get the names of her guests carved on each soap, thus making it more fun and exciting.

3.Animals Shaped Table Weights

Animal shaped table weights can be given to the guests. Cute animal shaped paper weights add a fun element at the work table. Let it be a reminder of your baby shower every time your guest sits to work.

4.Baby Shaped Fridge Magnet

Another fun baby shower favor is a baby shaped fridge magnet in different colors and sizes. The fridge magnets can have a slot were in the guests can put their personal pictures. The magnets will not only adorn the refrigerators of the guests, but will also make them relive the baby shower over and over again.

5.Photo Frames

Photo frames are the best way to capture and store ones memories that can be viewed from time to time. Cute photo frames with a fixed or neutral color pallatte can be presented to the guests. The hostess can request the guests to bring along their baby pictures and can then put those pictures in the respective photo frames before giving it to the guests. This would add a touch of warmth to the present.

6.Wall Hangings

The hostess can gift a set of wall hangings to the guests. The wall hangings can be colored according to the sex of the baby, i.e, pink for a girl and blue for a boy. However, if the baby’s sex is not known, then in that case wall hangings with baby pictures or baby quotes on it can be presented. Wall hangings are available in different colors, textures and sizes. The hostess can choose the ones of her liking and present it to the guests.

7.Aroma Candles

The hostess can give her guests personalized aroma candles. These aroma candles can be selected according to the scent preferences of each individual guest. Aroma candles come in different shapes, sizes and aromas; few for rejuvenation and few purely for relaxation. Thus, the hostess has a wide range to choose from.

These shop bought party favors are quickly and easily available, but on the other hand, the homemade baby shower favors that add that extra touch of warmth, love and appreciation. These party favors are easy to make and will surely nestle in the hearts of the guests. Homemade party favors are thoughtful and have a personalized touch that is totally unmatched.

8.Baby Booti Container

Baby booties can be used as candy holders and gifted to the guests. Fill baby booties with candies of different colors and tie a ribbon on them. This makes great baby shower favors.

9.Diaper Envelope

A napkin can be used to replicate a conventional diaper held together with a bright diaper pin; a clean white cloth can also be used. This diaper envelope is ideal to be used as a personalized message holder or as a cookie, candy, nuts or picture holder.

It is up to the hostess to decide what she would like to put in the diaper envelope. This adds a fun element to the baby shower.

10.Goodie Bag

A goodie bag is a must in every party. The hostess can buy cookie cutters of different shapes like a baby, carriage, stork, etc., and bake several batches of cookies with it. Use pink and blue colored icing sugar to decorate it; however, if the baby’s sex is unknown, then any neutral color such as green or yellow will do just fine.

Also, make few pretzels and decorate them with confectioner’s sugar. Moreover, fill few flavored candies in each goodie bag and tie them with pink and blue ribbons.

11.Coffee Mugs

This favor requires meticulous planning and a thorough guest list. The hostess can buy coffee mugs in colors like pink and yellow and fill them with unopened packets of ones favorite flavored tea leaves or coffee beans.

The hostess must note that the flavors must be according to the likings of her guests and must be packed accordingly. This is an extremely sophisticated gift item with a dash of appreciation and loads of warmth.

12.Chocolate Surprise

Chocolate is an all time favorite of people belonging to all age groups. It is an ideal party favor as it is enjoyed by all. Various shapes of chocolate molds are available; the hostess can make batches of chocolate and present them in beautiful baskets..

These baskets can be decorated using various colored ribbons. Molds in the shape of various animals, crib shaped, etc., can be used to make chocolates. These sweet treats will surely bring back the child in every guest.

13.Cupcakes in a Jar

The hostess can bake cupcakes and decorate them with icing sugar, either resembling various emotives like a smiley or a picture of the expectant mother or the name of the guests can also be on the cupcake. On a simpler level, the hostess can decorate the cupcake with different colored icing sugar. She can then put the cupcakes in clean jars and present it as a baby shower favor.

14.Hand or Body Lotion

One can fill small feeding bottles with scented lotions and creams and present as a baby shower favor. It is a novel idea and is very creative. The feeding bottles add a cute touch to the baby shower.

15.Customized Candle Sets

Another idea for party favor is that the hostess can present handmade candles with the guests names inscribed on it. Candles are easy to make and are not very time consuming; they add a bit of panache to the party.

16.Recipe in a Jar

Another novel idea is that the hostess presents each guest with a recipe and the ingredients required to execute that recipe. The hostess can fill the jar with the ingredients needed for the recipe and stick the it on to the jar.

Coming of a new life is a joyous event and the happiness doubles when it is celebrated with one’s near and dear ones. The concept of giving baby shower favors is a noble one as it is a gesture of love and appreciation from the family of the hostess towards the guests who have made an effort in making the moment special for the expectant mother.

Baby shower party favors add a special touch of warmth, togetherness and a little something that becomes a part of the memory lane.


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