15 Awesome DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Does it seem like everyone you know is having a baby right now? Are you invited to a baby shower and you want to buy a cute gift? But everything seems too expensive and boring. Watch our video to find awesome DIY baby shower gifts that will save you a fortune.

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Cute ideas that expecting parents will actually love and use, these fun presents are actually better than most you can buy. Here are some truly adorable and unique baby shower gift ideas:

  • Diapers cake. Diapers are one of the most necessary baby supplies ever, and every mom will be happy to receive them. Nevertheless, they are too boring but you can make a dull gift really exciting! Make a cute no-bake diaper cake! A diaper cake is a creative and attractive way to arrange the diapers so they resembled a tiered cake. You can either roll the diapers or wrap them around each other, then decorate the diaper cake to create a beautiful display! To make a diapers cake you will need the following items: diapers, ribbons, toys, small rubber bands, small baby items baby booties, stuffed animals for decoration. The cake could have different forms, decoration, and price! Use your imagination and have fun!
  • Rose socks. Plan to gift the mom-to-be with a lot of baby socks? Shape them in roses and combine into a beautiful bouquet. Watch our video for inspiration and instructions!
  • Towel gifts. Towels seem really boring as gifts but are really useful for children. Roll them and create different forms such as lollypop, cupcake, sloth, elephant, roses, seahorse, swan, rabbits.
  • Cupcake Onesies. Instead of folding the onesies in the box, you can also make cupcakes by rolling onesies.

Find out how to create it watching our video! This fun, personal and creative baby shower gift that will surely make mommy-to-be smile with amazement! You will find more ideas on how to decorate the baby shower party with felt flowers, paper flowers and how to create a cute and creative DIY card from the heart.

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